Therapist: the vengeful ghost of superbowl past is not real and can't hurt you,
Vengeful ghost of superbowl past:

Like for it to end. Anyway, hope sports don't kill anyone this year

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America's past time? You're damn right it's past time for America!

Happy Opening Day, I was looking for a Byron Buxton gif but found one of Fernando Rodney brandishing a plantain instead

Let's check in with philly for sports

Well philly, sports are still happening somehow. I'm not going out there though. Back to you in the studio

Thanks philly. You heard it here folks, sports are still happening

@homeruncowboy just gonna say the front bottoms or mt goats or whomstever alt emo post garage folk punk you listen to isnt normie shit and the SuperBowl is an extremely normie event

@thomas it has never been more now more than ever in these unprecedented day and age

Once more the NFL ignores my advice to have a Sea Shanties Sing Along for the Halftime Show

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