better than the old regime where they weren't good at either

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if the pirates spent the rest of the season blasting runs while having incredibly suspect pitching i'd be ok with it

what in the world is happening in this game

i guess it'll be fun to see all the exciting young players on the padres but i'm not looking forward to them hanging 15 runs on us

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oh no the padres are playing the pirates tonight

weirdly in all the sports that have player's unions it hovers around 50%
sports are apolitical though

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i know in the WWE it's some disgustingly small number like 8%

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is there an official on-record number somewhere of fighter salaries compared to company revenue in the UFC

watchin the game and puttin together a lego model of a soviet assault gun
surely life doesn't get finer

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Can we get a “fuck Trevor Bauer” going in the chat?

it would be awesome if the pirates stopped giving up first inning dingers

0-162 might be off the table but 1-161 is still looking pretty plausible

reds/buccos time baby
let's get ready for some baaaad baseball

i can't really celebrate this impending victory since it's more due to the cubs taking a big ol' shit on the field rather than anything the pirates did
on the other hand lol cubs

what do you call the opposite of a pitchers duel
neither of these guys could find the strike zone with a dowsing rod

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