are michael and ralf schumacher the only brothers ever to be worth a shit in f1? i can't think of any others

i've somehow become a scuderia ferrari fan and i'm a bit ashamed by it

why hasn't any mlb team tried focusing less on pitchers and more on belly itchers
this could be the newest market inefficiency, you cowards

as weird as all crowdless sports have been, if we get football without crowds i think we'll finally reach twilight zone shit

i use a rosewood baseball bat for its superior tonal characteristics

he also stalled and couldn't restart
as a sequence of events it's basically like falling down the stairs and then having your butt fall out of your pants when you land

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rene arnoux just self-spun out of the lead at the 1982 monaco grand prix, a move i think of as "pulling a vettel"

currently watching the nascar exhibition race at motegi in 1998 and listening to the tbs announcers try to pronounce japanese names is not great

what do you think of john fogerty's "centerfield"

love to see mechanics gesturing angrily at each other after completely beefing a pit stop

mfer made an entire career out of being named dick trickle

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watching an old nascar race on youtube, i was not prepared for dick trickle to make an appearance

Do You Like Base Ball

watching old f1 races on youtube and i love how despite being the best driver of his generation michael schumacher still felt the need to cheat his ass off
gotta respect that hustle

where's the streaming service that's just old world's strongest man episodes and nothing else

Should baseball 2020 season be played in only Arizona without fans or delayed to it can be played in front of fans or cancel 2020?

if pro wrestling feds are going to keep having no-crowd shows then to replace the ambience they should do like traditional muay thai and have a bunch of drummers going to town during the matches

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