oh no my beautiful boy wakatakakage :(
hopefully it's not too serious and he'll be back later in the basho

just saw a video where they deepfaked joe rogan as george the animal steele

i love hearing them say wakatakakage's name

There are 2 USC for NCAA football. One too many. I've heard good arguments for both so now it is time to vote!! How should be the one and only USC? Who should go home in shame!! Only you'll can decide!!!

fuck, i missed the lead change while i was in the shower

well that takes the sting out of a bad call

my new screen name is extremely funny to an extremely small audience (possibly just me)

the broadcasters keep going on about how long it's been since a world series game was played in DC so i looked it up and as far as i can tell the last one was in 1924

almost baseball time, folks
whaddaya think, sweep?

kinda sad i couldn't stay up long enough to see the stros get clobbered

i'm pulling for the nats because i love an underdog and afaik nobody on the nats has committed a hate crime in the last week

last time i checked the playoff schedule it said half the world series games were starting at 1:00 and i just about lost my shit

thankfully it was just a placeholder time and they now all start at 8pm, which isn't great but is a lot better

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