I really was pulling for the Bills. I'm an Eagles fan and game respects game. Their fanbase is more insane than ours (a feat!) and while the Eagles had to wait nearly half a dozen decades to get a SB win, I have mad empathy for a franchise who got there 4 times in a row and lost every time.

Refs were like, "everyone knows this game is over, everybody done fucked up, penalties offset, lets wrap this up"

@Angry_Cvilleian I mean the Giants feel like a default team as they don't even put thier logo on the 50 yard but the NFL symbol

Daniel Jones has the face of a preset in a video game character creator.

This SF v DAL game is straight garbo. And I am here for it.

The real take away from this game may end up being: how did Seattle not score 28 points in the first half against a team like the eagles?

ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT. Good Stop. Would have been nice to not let them get to the goal line but, I'll take it.

Ok yeah , so, THAT was a tear jerker. Upside is the spouse and I watched it together so at least we both sobbed in solidarity.

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Watching now: Maybe Next Year

I made it all of 5 min before I started tearing up and I’ve been trying to keep it together since.

screw the chains, just look at the top down replay, he was nowhere close to actually getting that 1st

The fact that Travis Fulgham just showed up outta nowhere, no one knowing who the hell he was, walked on to the field, and started playing like a first round draft pick has to be one of my favorite sports stories of this year.

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