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Serious question: Anyone know where a person could buy wool flannel (like, of the sort baseball uniforms used to be made out of) in non-industrial quantities? Bonus if there are any pinstripe options, but I'd settle for plain old white or grey. Would love to at least make some old-fashioned ball caps, maybe an old-fashioned jersey.

(Yes, I wrote nicely to Ebbets Field Flannels to ask if they sell yardage and they were like "lol nice try buddy")

I just realized probably not going to get my Maine Whoopie Pies hat this year or ever 💔

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i use a rosewood baseball bat for its superior tonal characteristics

Saw an ambiguously-worded post about Andrew Benintendi and thought for a few heartbreaking moments that the :redsox: had traded him too 😓

So is NESN just gonna go full-on 24/7 charlie moore outdoors or what

hypothetical injury 

If I was a pro athlete, I’d be one of the guy who hits a home run and then sustains a freak career-ending injury when they do a celebratory little hop onto home plate and twist their ankle

I just saw this and it is NOT a great way to start the morning :redsox: 😭

All 👏 Pro 👏 dot 👏 social 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

Look at this extremely sick hoodie I got from the local zoo’s Defend the Ice polar bear preservation program.

(The Amerks are the Buffalo Sabres’ AHL affiliate, if you didn’t know.)

"no player this young and talented has ever been traded like this"

*googles Babe Ruth age 1918*

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The Mookie Betts trade feels a lot like when O'Connell just up and traded Joe Thornton to the sharks

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