Dammit, MiLB, stop having so many cool mascots and one-off teams (the Hickory Potato Chips are a one-game alt for the Hickory Crawfish)

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Hell yeah, this is a good hat!

Going to have to be proactive about keeping it clean with those white panels, though.

And, as with my Red Sox cap 7 5/8 is *just* barely a little small, especially with quarantine hair

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Bittersweet: minor league ball may be canceled this year but I guess they must have optimistically made another run of Maine Whoopie Pies caps, because I was just able to buy one

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I just saw this and it is NOT a great way to start the morning :redsox: 😭

So the Pawtucket (RI) red Sox are moving to Worcester MA and that’s kind of exciting, except the official brand is “Woosox” and the mascot is a weaksauce smiley face. And there’s already a team in the cape cod league threatening them to sue over the Red Sox style “W” cap design.


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