(To the tune of “cletus the slack-jawed yokel) 🎶 browsing the allpro local 🎶

@Pixley curling is one of the better winter sports.

major league tournament confession 

My sports style: Croquet in the summer, Curling in the winter

me, to pats haters: fuck you

me, to pats fans: fuck you

Y'all laugh at Mr. Scraps delivering baseballs, but in the next five years, that Boston Dynamics robot is going to have a 0.78 ERA in 58 appearances with the Royals.

@43mansquamish hockey sweaters are supposed to smell extremely bad, imo

So here’s a question for those of you who own and wear 100% polyester team jerseys: how to you get/keep the stink out of them? I have a Bruins sweater that I’d love to wear once in a while but I am told that it quickly develops an unfortunate gym-bag funk, even though I always wear it with an undershirt.

Hey, just want to say how cool it is that like 30 people signed up here today! The Local here is really good and I appreciate y’all joining up to enjoy sporting together.

@TheComputer I am a little partial to the Bruins just because they're an Original Six team and that's neat

@43mansquamish my parents took me to only one game at the garden. Mario Lemieux destroyed the Bs that evening, but I had a great time anyway

This place has me thinkin' about that one summer I worked in the CCM returns warehouse and got first pick of the hockey sweaters for like $5 each (plus a sweet actual pro Senators jersey for like $10)

I am "got to watch Ray Bourque and Cam Neely play an the REAL Garden when I was a kid" years old

Did anyone else have an arbitrary favorite childhood sports team?

My older brother had a Pittsburgh Steelers wastebasket and I made noise about wanting an NFL wastebasket too and I picked the Seahawks because 'Seattle Seahawks' sounded badass to me and they also have an awesome logo. Being on the east coast I'm not sure I ever actually saw a Seahawks game. :seahawks:

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