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I am "got to watch Ray Bourque and Cam Neely play an the REAL Garden when I was a kid" years old

Red Sox 

at least we have Mookie for one more season

still mad about the new smileyface mascot, and the fact that I will eventually get used to hearing (and probably saying) "Woo Sox"

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I hadn't thought about Polar Field (new ballpark being built for the soon-to-be Worcester Red Sox) in a while... I guess construction is moving full-speed ahead, because what else is everyone involved going to do? (presumably a project this big has some kind of completion insurance the way they do for large films?)

It also hadn't occurred to me that Pawtucket doesn't get to properly say goodbye to their Pawsox before they move to worcester next year 😔 :redsox:

why is nesn showing a bruins rerun in prime time on a summer friday night

why did they show red sox at 6:00

triple shout-out to the Sea Dogs for shipping out my replacement cap pretty much *immediately*, and not charging me any additional postage. New hat should be here tomorrow

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Not going to link to the onion's piece about dan snyder because, while it makes its point effectively, it's not good fediverse energy. Search 'onion redskins owner' if you're curious, but CW extremely racist language

Shout out to the Portland Sea Dogs shop for sending out my cap so damn quickly.

I thought I was being clever by ordering an enormous size 7 3/4, based on my Red Sox 2004 fitted cap which has always been just *barely* a little tight at 7 5/8... but I guess my size must be 7 11/16 because 7 3/4 is way too big for even my enormous head.

Double shout out to the Sea Dogs for replying to my email right away to tell me exchanging is no problem, and not to worry about them running out of my size

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Bittersweet: minor league ball may be canceled this year but I guess they must have optimistically made another run of Maine Whoopie Pies caps, because I was just able to buy one

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love that sports publications only use photos of Tom Brady in that stupid hat anymore


Love to open my gas cap door and find a wasp building a nest in there

Tonight sure would be a nice night to watch some baseball 😞

!!! I think I know what I'm getting my dad (who went to brown circa 1959) for his birthday this year if I can get my mom to surreptitiously measure one of his current ballcaps

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