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Red Sox 

at least we have Mookie for one more season

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I am "got to watch Ray Bourque and Cam Neely play an the REAL Garden when I was a kid" years old

Will the NHL keep the tradition of boing the commission during the cup presentation?

Hot sports ownership take 

@Taweret @Padres imagine if when Nintendo owned the Mariners they had exerted this much control

I’m asking you to imagine the Seattle Marios

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@43mansquamish @thomas the local Red Wings also have the Plates, the Cocos Locos (should have been the Mofongos tbh) and, best of all, the Hustlers, which have a navy/green/gold color scheme that is 🔥🔥🔥

Dammit, MiLB, stop having so many cool mascots and one-off teams (the Hickory Potato Chips are a one-game alt for the Hickory Crawfish)

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So apparently the Hartford Yard Goats did a stunt name change like the Portland Sea Dogs/Maine Whoopie Pies, and changed their name to the "Steamed Cheeseburgers" and the caps are on sale and it's a good thing they're sold out of my size

Ugh, the end of that clip made me realize that one of the reasons I don't watch the :bruins: much anymore is that I can't stand Jack Edwards

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AllPro is a clubhouse that has a sign out front saying “No Nerds Allowed” despite the fact that all of us are in here

Sorry folks, baseball's closed. The moose out front should have told you

This is bullshit, how am I supposed to doze off on the couch watching baseball if the games don't run long

(I do like the new 'Pitcher's gotta face at least three batters or finish the half inning' rule, though)

Making this instance on a whim was really cool actually

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Welcome to! Allpro is a place to discuss sports, sports related things, etc. General stuff is fine (if you're watching the game with friends, you don't *only* talk about the game after all), but try to keep on topic.